design/build construction and installation

We offer a full range of installation and construction services, all aimed at delivering the highest quality possible. We distinguish ourselves through a highly trained and motivated staff that work as a team. Our educational and varied training and backgrounds provide us with the multi-faceted tools to enable us to produce a quality "turnkey" job.
Here, the original driveway rose up and over a small incline and down again to the parking area. Water from this area headed straight for the garage. In this instance, the area was regraded as it wasn't considered necessary for the driveway to go up and then down over this mound. By flattening the area where the driveway came through, it was possible to correct the drainage problem and also create a circular driveway and an additional parking area. Existing grades were determined and marked stakes were left in the center and at the edges of the area to be corrected. Leaving undisturbed the marker in the center, the rest of the area was regraded to the desired level. When the grading was finished, the small pile containing the marker was knocked down and removed. The drainage at this property was altered to have all water gathered in catch basins and run through drainpipes along the regraded driveway to outfall lower in a more appropriate location.
After proper grades are set, drainage lines and catch basins are installed to insure that all waters are taken to a safe outfall area.
Irrigation Systems
An irrigation system can provide you with the ability to grow a thicker, greener lawn, and the lush gardens you've always desired. A properly installed sprinkler system will add beauty and value to your home, while saving you time and water. Conventional sprinklers can better cover large expanses of plantings or lawns while drip irrigation conserves water and allows the water to be placed exactly where you need it. Today's controllers are dependable, easy to use and very flexible.